Oklahoma Winery on Historic Route 66 in Stroud, Oklahoma.
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Route 66 is a great road to follow because you can find history in every mile. For years people have driven down the mother road in the spirit of fun with friends and family.

We invite you to our Tasting Room to experience our wines and taste the magic of Route 66. A touch of freedom, a splash of fun, years of education and experience are in every bottle. View Map

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Casinos that carry StableRidge wines are The Hard Rock Cafe Tulsa and The WinStar Casino in Thackerville

Also available at the Canebrake Resort in Wagner, OK

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Call in your order and pick up wine at any event!

Oklahoma Tourism 2013 filming a commercial at StableRidge Winery
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StableRidge Reviews...See what others say

“So one of the things you're "supposed" to do because you appreciate local stuff is tour historic Route 66. Since it's such an easy thing to do, we managed to avoid it for something like five years after we moved out here. Once we did hit the road one weekend, our initial impressions seemed to validate our decision to procrastinate: Really? A round barn?

But like most of the best things in traveling, Stable Ridge Winery was an unplanned stop that made the whole thing worth a day's run up to Tulsa. The fact that the winery is a former Catholic church is most excellent, the Sangiovese is so good I'm going to make an hour-plus drive soon simply to get some more, and the friendly folks there were relatively un-smug as they politely demonstrated that they know more about wine than I will ever know.

The resulting spontaneous picnic in Stroud with local cheese and wine is something I will remember for a long time. Huzzah for the little things.? –Joe C. from OKC on Yelp

“We decided to take Route 66 instead of the main highways on this trip so we could enjoy the scenery a la Americana. What a jewel we found in Stroud! Most of the wineries we saw along our way were off the beaten path and we passed the entrances before had a chance to comprehend there was a winery there. StableRidge caught our eye immediately so we literally did a turn around and pulled in. Nicely decorated and laid out.

The friendly greeting we received pulled us in and the tasting sealed it. Their wines were delicious. They burst with flavor and passion as they come alive in your mouth. It was a party of delight!
We have had a number of blended wines before that just did not hit the mark but these were fantastic! We purchased 4bottles and will look for this when we get home to Houston. And we will make sure to go Route 66 with a special stop next time in OKC? Bruce 123, Houston, TX; Trip Advisor


RecycleStableRidge is looking at everything we do to “green-up?our operation. We have purchased wine bottles made from recycled glass to use for bottling wine. We also have been able to recycle our natural corks, bottles and boxes.

Please help us in our efforts to “green-up?StableRidge, by bringing your own packaging/bags when you are able.

Winery Meeting Facility:

Located next to the tasting room and only forty-five minutes from both Oklahoma City and Tulsa is our Conference Cottage. This charming facility has quickly become a favored meeting place for companies, clubs and associations seeking a relaxed meeting atmosphere.

Would you like to reserve the conference cottage? Simply contact us and we will help you plan everything you need for a successful event.

Our staff can make arrangements for all of your food and meeting needs. All meetings include wine tasting and a tour of our facilities.  Internet access is available

We Now Offer Appetizer Trays

Call to order your cheese appetizer tray! Tray includes crackers and your choice of one cheese $10.00 (Serves 3-5 people)

Give Something Special

amount of purchasing; one bottle or as many as you would like. Personalized labels make holidays and event gifts a breeze. We can add photos, Logos, humorous sayings, dates really just about anything you can come up with. Need help in the creativity department? Don’t worry, StableRidge has a staff full of artists that can create a unique label for you.

contact us to learn more about how to order custom labels for your next event!